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Embrace Your Weaknesses

Inspired by David Cummings, here’s a list of my strengths AND weaknesses. The upcoming end of year has me in the mood to reflect, so I might as well share:

  • I love to collect (hoard?) articles, recipes, books, ideas, but I hate to finish/use my collection. I recently made a concerted effort to start using what I’ve already collected and it’s been fun! But, I still find it more fun to collect than to use.

  • I love to set up processes, but I hate to follow my own processes. This has gotten me into trouble… I’m a process tinkerer and I always believe I can find a slightly better way, which ends up costing me more time than if I had just followed by (already really good!) process.

    • I distinctly remember when I learned that some people hate figuring out processes and prefer to follow them. I LOVE these people!

  • I love to think, pre-mortem, and make decision trees

  • I love to edit, but I struggle to put pen to paper to get myself to a place where I can edit

  • I love to unwind business models and figure out how companies work, I hate to operate in an environment where I have to “stay in my lane”

  • I love to learn, grow, and challenge myself. I hate stasis.

  • I love to work on airplanes, but I hate to travel for work. I work incredibly hard, but deeply cherish dinner with. my husband each evening.

  • I love to curate routines (see also: processes), but I hate to stick with them and get into a perceived rut, even after a week or two.

Alicia Diamond