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Do you want more resources and advice about the Chief of Staff role?

Check out my must read articles, book recommendations, and community meet ups. This is a growing collection of everything I reference and recommend as a 2x Chief of Staff.

Essentials for Current & Future Chiefs of Staff

Why You Need Two Chiefs in the Executive Office

First Round Review’s seminal article. A must read for any current or future Chief and organizations considering adding a Chief.

Chief of Staff Expert

The website of Tyler Parris, author of Chief of Staff: The Strategic Partner Who Will Revolutionize Your Organization.

CoS Slack Community

Hosted by Tyler Parris. Fill out the Google Form to get invited.

The Chief of Staff Reading List

If you’ve Googled about the role, you’ve probably come across this compilation of resources on Medium.

Prime Chief of Staff

Prime offers resources for current and future Chiefs, as well as placement services for companies looking to hire Chiefs. Check out the Chief of Staff Collective community while you’re there!

Chief of Staff by Tyler Parris

THE book that finally demystified the Chief of Staff role.

“Become a Chief of Staff” LinkedIn Course with Brian Rumao

Join Brian Rumao, Chief of Staff to Jeff Weiner at LinkedIn, to deep dive into what it takes to be a successful Chief of Staff.

CoS Tech Network

Helpful articles for current and future Chiefs published on Medium, as well as an invitation-only community for current Chiefs.

The West Wing

As a Chief of Staff, you’ll get compared to Leo. You should understand the reference. Oh, and this is one of the all-time greatest shows!

Chicago Meetup

Join fellow Chiefs of Staff in Chicago for a once-a-month, join when you can meet up to share tips, tricks, and advice.

Some of my favorite blog posts about all things Chief of Staff

My recommended Chief of Staff reading list