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My 2019 Won't Do List

Inspired by Brad Feld, and my own OPPP process, I assembled my 2019 Won’t Do List. This exercise is similar to my chabaduo list. My who?!

My chabaduo list comes from the Mandarin word for “good enough”

Chabuduo implies that to put any more time or effort into a piece of work would be the act of a fool. … ‘good enough for government work’.

My chabaduo list contains things I consider, but consciously ignore when trying to decide how to spend my time. My list currently includes learning a foreign language, being fashionable, and visual design abilities among others. These are things that interest me but aren’t priorities right now. I take solace that they live on a list where I can easily reference them, should I find myself with a swath of time and nothing to do :)

So, in 2019 I’m committed to not:

  • Excelling at driving traffic to this blog. I write for myself, first and foremost, and I know that I could very easily get caught up in the task work associated with SEO and social media. Neither is the reason I’m committed to my writing habit.

  • Excelling at athletic pursuits. I need time to decompress and not be competitive, and my workout time is perfect for that. 

  • Prioritizing work above the rest of my life. Every year I go through a period of imbalance and this year, I’d rather prevent that period than live through it yet again.

  • Feeling obligated to give my free time to anyone. 

What else? What are you committed to not doing in 2019?

Alicia Diamond