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Training... and then constant retraining

An oldie, but goodie, from Tom Peters:

If there is a word that goes hand-in-hand with “love of change,” it is training. The constantly re-skilled/up-skilled order-entry clerk, as well as first-line supervisor, can only master change (constant adjustment and improvement) if he is given the tools to deal with it. Training in listening, in statistical techniques and problem cause-and-effect analysis, in group problem solving, in sophisticated financial analysis (for everyone)—and then constant retraining, for upgrading and learning new skills—simply must become the norm, for realtor, banker, or high-tech wizard. Obviously, such extensive training and retraining has to be accompanied by radical surgery to existing action-impeding bureaucratic rules and rituals, which strip self-respect and just plain make it hard to get anything done.

Training in listening. I LOVE that idea. When was the last time you worked with your team to train them (or retrain them) to listen.

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