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What is an Artful Concern?

artful art·ful | \ ˈärt-fəl: performed with or showing art or skill

concern con·cern | \ kən-ˈsərn: an organization or establishment for business or manufacture

What do I mean when I say artful concern?

It’s a phrase I use to define all the well-run, inspiring organizations that make the world a better place. They do so not by being the biggest, the best, or the most well known. Instead, they deliver flawless experiences, reliable service, or must-have products. They set a new standard for how well they treat their employees, their vendors, and their customers. They serve the best grilled cheese in town, or make the best collaboration software, or reliably get your sick family member in to see a doctor same-day.

They inspire all of us to do our best and to try just a little bit harder every single day.

They inspire us to look at our organizations from a fresh angle and to consider how we could make it just a little bit better.

We can’t all be the best in the world, but we can be in the best in someone’s world.

I’m a lifelong student of Artful Concerns. There is no one playbook, so instead we learn on the job and learn from each other.

Alicia Diamond