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Wait, someone actually reads those surveys from

What inspires me, and drives me, to be a great business person is when a transaction surprises and delights. Business is trade. We trade words, we trade money for goods or services. What scares me most about business is the loss of surprise and delight that comes with scale (success).

Can the Targets of the world still surprise and delight their customers? Absolutely.

After a recent call to Target - which started with me asking to speak to a supervisor and ended with me gushing gratitude - I received an invitation to complete a survey. I happily completed the survey and recounted exactly how well the associate had taken care of me. A few days later, I received a call from a MN number. Huh? I answered the phone, expecting a spam call, and instead spoke with the associate’s supervisor. My feedback had landed in the right hands and the associate had been publicly applauded for her customer service. 


1) People actually read those surveys?

2) People read them within a few days and then share the results with the associate and the team?!

3) You’re taking time out of your day to call me?!

Wow. Target, it is a pleasure to give you my business.

Alicia Diamond