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Why I blog

Many of the good writers you enjoy probably aren’t much smarter than you. They’ve just forced themselves through the process of transferring vague feelings into words and the clarity that generates. The takeaway for voracious readers is that you can discover new perspectives and new context by writing yourself.
The best time to start producing content was years ago. The next best time to start is now.

Spend time producing content, not just consuming it.

Whether it’s simple tweets on Twitter, or long-form articles, entrepreneurs would do well to start writing more frequently. Take the time, put in the effort, develop the muscle — it’s not easy, but, ultimately, it’s worth it.

I’ve blogged in fits and starts since college, but only recently (as in, this week!) committed to publishing something every single day. Seth Godin and Fred Wilson follow the every single day rule. I love the message it sends to my brain when I do something even on the weekend: blogging is for me, first and foremost, to synthesize and make sense of my inputs. I read a lot of business-related articles and books, I couple that with a fast-paced Chief of Staff job, and a general interest in all things business. It’s a focused set of inputs, but it’s a lot to process. Process is the key word. I’m astounded by how few of my peers take time to process. Absorb, reflect, uniquely articulate. That is how I turn disparate experiences into tools in my toolkit.

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